Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Scentmark Logo design and business papers

This identity was developed for a non profit company that work with artist from 3rd world countries to develop products that incorporate: sustainability, community and animal preservation.

Karly Orr's dresses

Here is Karly with her winning dress.

2008 Karly won first place in the Seattle Red Dress competition. Here is the dress.

Great job Karly, you rock! This is her orange dress.

Karly Orr's fashion line identity

I worked with Karly to create her identity and final logo for her clothing line. Website to come shortly.

Logo Identity created for Steeltown Coffee

Here are the designs created for the café Steeltown.

Steel Town Coffee Design – Concept Boards

My step brother Adrian Badger is starting a café in Pittsburg California. Here are the designs created for the shop!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Phase 6 Garage Studio - See the Final Outcome!

Final Garage Studio with fresh snow, something Seattle has seen a lot of lately!
Before the gravel went down in front of the french doors and potted plants.
Back wall, next to the ally driveway. Diego riding his new bike as commander Rex!
New drainage around the foundation.

Finally, the studio is finished, just in time for me to store things for my trip! Here are the final photos!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Phase 5 Garage Studio

New Garage Door in, I love it.
On the back of the Studio, I couldn't put any windows in because of how close it is to my neighbor's property. The reason why I was able to keep my studio where it was is because it was a preexisting building.
Close up of the garage.

Finally finished the studio, it took from July 08 to end of November 08 to finish, that's after waiting from October of 07 to June 08 to get the final approved plans and permits.

Phase 4 Garage Studio

Just put up siding, so glad this part is going up.
Putting up the can lights
Loft above
Down below studio
Wall facing Katies house
Upper loft on right side above, below is left side.

Phase 3 Garage Studio

The roof goes up and the walls get finished. Sammy doing the good work. The parts on the side of the garage where we had to take down what I started earlier and didn't get passed by the city of Seattle.

Phase 2 Garage Studio

We first took all the walls down except for the back wall, next to the ally way. The city of Seattle wanted the walls to be 2 x 6 instead of the 2 x 4's that they were. When we went up to the top of the ceiling, the boards needed to be the full span. The french doors are going in where Trinity stands. This will take some time, which I didn't know at the time. The roof must be put on first. It's a beautiful July day!